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Convoy - CUSTOM - Laser Engraved S2+

Convoy - CUSTOM - Laser Engraved S2+

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Body/Hosts Color


Custom Made-To-Order. 

These items are on-sale as an introductory offer. 


Dragon is one dragon down the length of the light.

Most single image designs repeat randomly on the light.

 VR Model red light is clean looking In person

 Full Review:


Please allow up to a week (Usually much less) for shipping as each unit is built to order after you order it. For this reason these items in particular are non-returnable/non-refundable.

  • After through testing the engraved design WILL be burned through the "Convoy S2+" Logo. The light looks "incomplete" with the logo portion left un-engraved.
  • You will be getting the portion of the design that fits on the light.
  • E.G. The full mandala pattern will not be on the light, it will be a good portion of it though.
  • Black offers the best contrast and as you go lighter with the host color the engravement appears lighter and lighter due to the contrast of the aluminum vs. the host color.
  • Demo images below are just an approximation of what you will receive. Each and every light is unique.
  • It is powered by a single 18650 battery (not included), which is rechargeable and widely available.


  • Pick your color.
  • Pick your engravement.
  • Pick your emitter.

Colors and emitters are changing and selling regularly. I will do my best to keep all the stock up to date, but there are circumstances where you might choose something I do not have in stock. If this is the case I will reach out and you can either choose another option or I will provide a 100% refund.

This is the only scenario in which a refund could be provided.



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Introducing the Convoy - CUSTOM Laser Engraved S2+, a meticulously crafted luminary for enthusiasts who seek unparalleled quality and individuality. Impeccably designed, this formidable piece boasts a laser-engraved exterior that exudes an air of sophistication and exclusivity.

Each stroke of the engraving captures attention to detail, making it a remarkable collectible for discerning connoisseurs.

The Convoy - CUSTOM Laser Engraved S2+ is not your ordinary flashlight; it illuminates pathways with remarkable precision and intensity due to its cutting-edge engineering. Crafted using durable materials, this limited edition masterpiece ensures longevity in any demanding situation or outdoor expedition where reliability is paramount. Explore the limits of illumination with the Convoy - CUSTOM Laser Engraved S2+: your trusted companion when quality meets customization at its zenith

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Great light! Fast shipping

I really like my new s2+ the laser engraving looks great!