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Wuben 18650- Battery w/ USB-C Charging

Wuben 18650- Battery w/ USB-C Charging

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18650 Battery

This battery DOES WORK with the Convoy S2+

(see notes and warning below)

USB-C Rechargeable

This battery measures 70mm tall.

Please know if this will work in your light or not. (See below)

2600 mah with built in USB-C charging. 


These batteries WORK in Convoy S2+ with:

  • ALL 519a emitters
  • Blue, Orange and Green emitters


These batteries DO NOT WORK with:

  • Red or Deep Red emitters
  • Any SST20 Emitters.


The easiest way to tell if these will work or not, is to check the spring in the head of the S2+.

If it is "big" (same size as the tail spring) these WILL WORK.

If the head spring is smaller than the tail spring these batteries WILL NOT WORK


If you have ANY questions about if these batteries will work in your S2+ please email me and ask before purchasing.

I will not be responsible for damaged lights and will not accept returns on lights or batteries due to damage or incompatibility.

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