Product Spotlight: OLIGHT - Arkfeld Flat Flashlight with Green Laser

Jul 17, 2023

Product Spotlight: OLIGHT - Arkfeld Flat Flashlight with Green Laser

Introducing the OLIGHT Arkfeld Green Laser and White Light, a dual light source EDC flashlight that is perfect for a variety of situations. Here are some of its key features:

  • Dual Light Source: The Arkfeld flashlight offers both white light in 5 brightness levels, with a max output of 1,000 lumens, and a green beam with an output of ≤0.39mW, Class 1. This means you can use the white LED light for any low light needs such as the outdoors or emergency needs, while the green beam is perfect for presentations or on-duty use. Plus, it's loved by pets!

  • Flat & Ultra-Thin Body: The unique flat shape of the Arkfeld makes it extremely comfortable to hold in your hand or carry in your pocket. It's only 3.07oz in weight and 0.59in in thickness, making it very lightweight and easy to carry.

  • Memory Function: The Arkfeld has a memory function that enables you to save your favorite mode so it's always ready. This means you won't have to fiddle around with the settings each time you use it.

  • Pocket Clip & Magnetic Attachment: The clip on the Arkfeld flashlight clamps tightly onto your shirt or pockets for easy carrying. It also features a magnetic end, allowing you to simply attach it to a nearby metal surface for hands-free light. This feature is especially useful when working in tight spaces where you need both hands free.

The OLIGHT Arkfeld Green Laser and White Light is a versatile and practical flashlight that can meet all of your lighting needs. Its dual light source, flat and ultra-thin body, memory function, and pocket clip with magnetic attachment make it an excellent choice for both everyday carry and professional use.